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[IP] Pet Assistance

Sorry, but I just got into this thread and I had a cat who would paw me 
awake when I was low.  Stupid me never figured it out until poor Kiku died 
and I had these soaring a.m. rebounds.  I wrote a piece about it that will 
be coming out in an anthology this fall - name of the book wasn't determined 
when the writer bought my article and she uses a pen name so I can't tell 
you more.  I want to do a whole book(let?) on the same, so keep those 
stories coming.  I just figured I was awake so I might as well check my BG 
-- I always do if I awake to pee or anything else. I threw her off the bed!!

Greast to read these stories -- I saw the thing on tv too but don't remember 
jack about station etc.

Dianne De Mink, Type I for nearly 40 years, is working on a book about diet 
and nutrition.

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