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Re: [IP] Type 1 or type 2 or type 1.5

At 09:20 PM 8/2/2003 email @ redacted wrote:
 >pls. discontinue all ip mail. we give to the juvinile diabetes foundation.
 >when i signed us up for this , i wasnt aware you email type1 patients to a
 > extreme level. i will contact my provider to see that this excessive 
amount of
 >ceases! In my opinion this is gross missuse of the internet and
 >misrepresentation of  a online informative site. how sad!

We serve currently over 4,200 members with information about pumping and 
diabetes. Unfortunately nothing is free. We are a non-profit organization 
and are not controlled or influenced by any outside group or company. We 
get no money from the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation or the ADA. Therefore, 
the costs of running this website and mail service has to come from 
someplace. Michael restricts himself to quarterly pledge breaks... probably 
less than your local Public Broadcasting station has. There is no paid 
staff here, just a bunch of volunteers.

The amount of mail is dependent on the questions and responses from our 
members. We assume that if there is a lot of mail, then there is a lot of 
information being exchanged. It is true, that not everything being 
discussed will be relevant to your specific situation. There is no way we 
can customize the system to present just the discussions each user wants to 
see. However, there is also an advantage to this, since sometimes members 
may realize that something they thought was irrelevant really does have 
value in their lives. There isn't one of us that knows it all and we can 
always learn something new.

If you want to reduce the volume of mail just write to 
HELP@insulin-pumpers.org and ask for either the Digest or Browser versions. 
If you still want to unsubscribe, this same address can help you with that 
as well.


Sam Skopp
Since 1998, one of the volunteer Insulin Pumpers administrators
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