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Re: [IP] support group ??

>Awhile back Rodney wrote that he wanted info on pump support groups.
>The reason why I ask is that I have been to some of our meetings in the town
>we live in.  A representative from Minimed as well as Disetronics attends.  It
>is a 3-ring circus.  It seems that their only purpose is to try and sell
>  their product. There is so much animosity between the two. They 
>stand there and
>degrade each others product.  I have been waiting for them to come to blows.
>Their behavior is so totally inappropriate.

Who runs the meetings?  Where are they held?   My group meets at a 
hospital and is run by the CDE's.   It is an unstated rule that if 
ANY rep gets out of line, they will no longer be welcome.  They come 
individually to give their talks for their products, but if they end 
up dissing the other pumps, well it is their loss as they only make 
themselves look bad.  Put it to these reps., either they straighten 
up, or you will only invite Animas, Deltec, Dana and Nipro.   There 
are 6 pump companies now and you don't have to put up with the bad 
stuff from anyone!

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