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[IP] How long to DKA (Was Friend in diabetic coma)

I agree.. I've had this happen numerous times (unfortunately) in my 18
months pumping wearing sils where the cannula would come out when I went to
bed and I'd not notice it (or occationally when the dog or cat would chew
through my tubing during the night).  I woke up normally just in the high
300 to low 400's feeling horrible w/ large ketones, but I've never been in
DKA, or really feel that I've been very close.  Of corse this state COULD
lead to DKA, but with hydration and injections it's never happened to me.
I am absolutely confirmed as type 1 through antibody testing and a very low
c-peptide, but I don't seem to be likely to go into DKA.  I honestly don't
know what it would take and I don't want to find out, but I don't
necessarily think that ALL type 1's would be in a coma after 8  hours.
Obviously that doesn't seem to be the case or probably ALL of us would have
been at some point.  I really DO think this is a YMMV thing, we are not all
the same.


Heidi Vogan Wrote:
> I will interject here to say that it would take a
> great deal to put me in DKA,I have often had sites
> gone bad during the night(and occasionally,prebed)+
> I'd bolus,it wouldn't do any good of course.8 hours
> later,I'd wake up feeling like death + large  ketones
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