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[IP] pedicures

hi all,

first let me thank those of you that responded to my nervous questions 
about insertion. i kept your information and encouragements in mind as i 
tried the 6 mm quickset-- it was so easy! next time, im going to try the 
silhouette, and im sure ill have more questions!

on the very different question of pedicures:

i consider getting pedicures something i just "have" to do as a diabetic. 
(wink, wink)
once a month, i go to someone i trust, and she spends an hour massaging, 
inspecting and generally softening my feet-- with the correct aeshetician, 
the benefits to diabetic foothealth are pretty obvious.
a few tips-- no not on polish colors!

1. Go to a  really nice place, not a corner nail shop (unless you trust 
it!) . We diabetics need a  very very clean environment. I go to a salon; 
it is better to skip months when you can't afford it than go to a place 
whose cleanliness is in doubt. Ask:  do you sterilize your instruments? How 
do you clean out your tubs? Also: if you have neuropathy, test the water 
with your hands first, to make sure it is not too hot.

2. I don't inform my pedicurist that I have diabetes, but I do tell her not 
to cut the sides of my nails to short, because I don't want ingrowns.

3. Ask around-- find a person/ salon who views pedicures an a health and 
relaxation treatment, not just a quick polish change. Personally, I get so 
relaxed during a pedicure, I often have to suck on a little mint avoid 
sugar drops. Don't be shy about interrogating the salon.

4. Finally, go without polish every once in a while, to give your nails a 
chance to breathe, and to make sure that you aren't developing any kind of 

So, I don't have that much expertise yet as a pumper, but I can drop 
science about pedicures.

(If you live in the SF area, check splendora.com for pedicurists who are 
perhaps pricey, but really safe and therapeutic.)


Ruth Jennison
English Dept.
University of California, Berkeley
320 Wheeler Hall
Berkeley, California
tel. 510-666-0560

Left Turn
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