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Subject: [IP] Study: Do breastfeed babies have lower risk of Type 1??

Hi Sonya-
I enrolled in the Trigr study (we are due in October)...I think it's great
the research is finally getting the attention it deserves!
I was NOT breastfed at all- I am adopted and was not only a formula baby but
also a baby who was frequently given water rather than formula because I was
a larger baby at birth (11.5 lbs) rather than feeding when I showed signs of
hunger....At least I know where my body gets it's starvation attitude from!
email @ redacted

Subject: [IP] Study: Do breastfeed babies have lower risk of Type 1??

The postcard I was given at an appointment recently says:  Are you or
your partner pregnant?  Do you, your partner, or any of your children
have type 1 diabetes?  If you answer "yes" to both questions, then the
TRIGR study team needs your help.

Recent diabetes research has pointed to a possible link between infant
nutrition and the development of type 1 diabetes in childhood.  TRIGR is
an international study looking at infant nutrition to find out whether
the number of children who develop type 1 diabetes can be reduced.

For more information on TRIGR, please call before baby arrives
1-888-STOP-T1D (1-888-786-7813) or visit us on the web at www.trigr.org

So, just out of curiosity, how many of the Type 1's on this list were
breastfeed, for how long, and how many were not?   I was not, and was dx
at age 4.

- -sonya
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