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Re: [IP] Pet Assistance?

You are not crazy.  Animals are very smart creatures!  My dog knows
something is wrong when I have low sugar.  She'll stop playing immediately
when she sees me bring out my testing kit.  And if one of us doesn't get up
to turn off an alarm clock she comes up on the bed to see why.  I've had a
stomach flu for 3 days so she has been laying on the couch by the door
"protecting mommy" and comes to peek in the bedroom door every half hour or
so.  If I call her over she'll snuggle for a bit, otherwise she goes back to
her "post."  I don't think I'll ever not have a dog, they're great.  Hey,
she definitely keeps me exercising at any rate ;)

> Hi all,      Just a question, has anyone else ever experienced such a
> thing? One morning, as my alarm went off and I couldn't get going, my cat
> became very pesty and kept tapping my mouth and talking too me I got so
> upset with her that i finally got out of bed, and stopped off in the
> bathroom to vomit and couldn't see or think very straight. So as was able
> checked BS and was almost 500 wow to my surprise, found that my tubing at
> the reservoir was broken, so quickly proceeded to take an injection and
> change, but was very ill. Anyway, I believe my cat Smokey helped
> tremendously to arouse me. Pets are very wonderful, hope I not going
> crazy here. Patty
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