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Re: [IP] Manicure/Pedicure

Not sure about how often.  My podiatrist said not to cut the toenails all
the way to the skin, cut them straight across, don't cut the corners but
file them a tiny bit so they aren't sharp (or else they'll snag on
something)... as for getting a pedicure he said definitely tell them you are
diabetic, test the temp of the water they use with your finger before
putting your feet in, and don't let them use razors (I think it's used to
scrape off dead skin for "normal" people).
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> Okay, this may be a silly question, but I'll ask anyway ;)
> I bite my nails a lot, and I know that I can't give myself a good
> pedicure (I've tried--eek!). Do any of you know how often I should get
> either? I don't want to get infections or anything, and I don't want
> ingrown toenails (from cutting them too short, etc). Once a month?
> Less? I take pretty good care of my feet (use a pumice stone, etc) but
> probabaly need some professional help...
> Any solutions?
> Thanks!
> Caoilte
> Will begin pumping 8.5.03
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