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Re: [IP] Friend in diabetic coma

seems to be a lot of talk, my pump does this, and it couldnt happen cause 
my pump does that, and i get this alarm ,and not that one....

well... what ever DID happened..... the part that im most surprised about 
is this:

I would have thought it impossible, (NOT "i know", ..."I WOULD have Thought") ,
that, if i (or anyone) went to bed, with a bs of 150, that id awake the 
next morning
(or in this case, not wake), and within a mere 8 hours of no insulin, and 
be in a coma....

again, maybe one of those ymmv's, but, is it the "ah-oh....... "NORM" ??

that is, if we 100 of us disconnected at night, with a decent bs, what 
PERCENT of us, would be in coma, 8 hours later ???

Jenny said :
 >> As long as nothing is occluding the needle, an alarm for this will not 
 >> out. It will keep pumping as long as its batteries and such are good.

that has been my experience, and her observation makes sense

when i shower, i remove my pump (4 to 12 minutes a day, of nothing hanging 
from my hip.....
just for a little break).... it has NEVER squawked about that (given me any 

also, i have set a "temp", on my pump, and, an hour later, i wonder who, in 
what office, is running an old dot-matrix printer.... that sure is 
annoying..... then, i stop, and say "wait...... that coming from my hip"

 >>Tom you have hit on to the real reason we want a closed loop system. I 
 >> they could put a pressure sensor to warn you when the pressure is down 
too low.
that Alarm would be going off like mad... remember the old injection 
days... some times, the insulin seemed to "slide right in", and, other 
times, you had to "stand on the plunger"...
how would the pump know ????????? (which is quite likely, why it cant do that)
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