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[IP] Disetronic/FDA matter


Well...here's my 2-cents' worth:

I've been on a pump since 8/2000. First year was an H-tron Plus, then 
 upgraded to the D-tron in 8/2001. Got the recall D-tron Plus in 4/2003. Never
had a
failure, ever. Always had good service from them and bought my supplies direct.

Now, my HMO plan got costly, so I chose a high-deductible plan which does NOT 
cover Rx's for Durable Med Equipment under the co-pays. So...guess who's 
chasing down discount infusion sets? Right...!!

But, I'm not giving up on Disetronic one bit. The thing I REALLY like are the 
prefilled Humalog cartridges. Sure saves on filling supplies and all that 
 hardware/needles, etc. I really hope that whatever whiz-bang model they
will still use the cartridges.

Inasmuch as the Swiss plant operated under ISO9003 standards and they make 
the biggest seller in greater Europe, seems to me that the FDA is making a 
 mountain out of a molehill. My local Disetronic rep - who lives nearby and also
 runs the Pump Support Group at my HMO! - believes that the whole brouhaha is
unfortunate and technically overstated. She's a straight shooter. Of course, 
now that Roche Diagnostics has purchased Disetronic, there is new, deeper 
 pockets behind the firm to make the situation better eventually. I use a
Tracker now, not my old Accu-Chek Complete. I need the more thorough data 

Thing about the FDA letter (which I STILL have not received...) is that you 
shouldn't get scared by it (like the FDA probably hopes you would be...) and 
have a good one-on-one with your nearest area Disetronic rep. This company is 
 really committed to good customer service and they mean business. Just my
opinion. YMMV, of course.


Thanks, and God Bless You,

Alexander N. Gerli
949 Hopmeadow St., Apt. 2
Simsbury, CT 06070
(860) 651-4041
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