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Subject: Re: [IP] Friend in diabetic coma

I wear an Htron+ and find the beeping/alarm loud when I'm awake but if it
goes off in the middle of the night my spouse has been known to wake up from
the sound and then wake me up or I sit up and start cursing about our
neighbors and their defective smoke detector...yet if I'm alert I can
sometimes pick out tones that sound like my pump's alarm in popular music
(Beck's "Devils Haircut" off of odelay is the worst offender) and I'll keep
taking my pump out and checking it just to be sure...
Also- the pump keeps on trucking even if your cath is out....I've never had
a no delivery/occlusion alarm in almost 3 years of pumping- would be nice if
they came up with a  "your infusion set was ripped out by the knobs on the
kitchen cabinets" alarm!  would save me a heck of alot of panic and quite a
few highs!

Subject: Re: [IP] Friend in diabetic coma

In a message dated 8/1/2003 6:58:36 PM Central Standard Time,
email @ redacted writes:

> I've never had a failure yet, but don't they beep or vibrate when there's
> no delivery?

I haven't had a pump failure, but whenever my 508 alarms due to a low
or low reservoir volume, I don't even hear it.  (mayn times I have to check
the pump to see if my bolus was given).  Maybe your friend slept through any
alarms the pump may have had.
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