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Re: [IP] Friend in diabetic coma

They are SUPPOSED to alarm and vibrate when there is a failure, but I
have had more than half a dozen 508's fail without any warning at all.
They would just stop, many during the night and I would wake up and they
would be totally dead, everything lost and having to be totally
reprogrammed.  MM said I had some sort of static problem within my body.
I was lucky in that I always woke up, sometimes with sugars in the 400s
after going to bed with them at 100, but I always did wake up in the
night.  I guess I don't sleep that sound and somehow just wake up -- or
have been lucky so far.

Some would stop working during the day for no reason and with no warning
whatsoever.  I always kept them in the "special" case with the
anti-static lining and I also put a dryer sheet inside that case.

In the end, MM said it was something inside my body like the people who
can't wear watches because their skin turns green.  I never got an
answer why the pumps short out on me.  MM said the Paradigm would solve
all my problems.

The Paradigms also short out on me, but in different ways.  This they
don't say is a static problem.  I've never gotten an answer to what the
problem with the Paradigms errors are caused by but believe me, I check
my pump at least once every half hour during the day to make sure it's
working, and if I wake up in the night, I look at it.  Very rarely do I
sleep all the way through the night without looking at the pump at least

Judi in MI
email @ redacted

> Guess last wed, while sleeping his pump failed. 
> I find
> it hard to understand, he was using a MM508. I've never had
> a failure yet, but don't they beep or vibrate when there's no
> delivery?
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