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[IP] How has it helped me? Let me count the ways...

 This was what I sent to in response to Michael's request for funds. We are also
sending a check. They asked me to forward this to the list. Thanks. Shivaun
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 1. I learned about the Frio pack, which enabled me to spend countless hours on
the beach in Miami and New Jersey this summer, without worrying about my insulin

 2. I've helped family and friends by directing them to this site to get more

 3. I learned about the book "Pumping Insulin." I read it twice before I got my
pump, and with the knowledge I gained have had an almost effortless transition
to the pump.

 4. When I was on Amazon to buy the book, I saw another one suggested called
"Diabetes Burnout" by Dr. William Polonsky. Reading that combined with going on
the pump, has totally changed the way I feel about my diabetes. I no longer hate

 5. Everything combined has contributed to better physical and mental health,
including a 6.2 on my AIC, with only a handful of low blood sugars in a three
month period, compared with 7 or 8 a week.

Thank you. (The check is in the mail ... literally!)

Shivaun O'Donnell
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