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Re: [IP] Re: Pet Assistance?

> The show, or one with the same content was on the Animal Planet, and BTW,
> have a Sheltie who has gotten hubby up to 'fix me' because she knew i was
> low!!  She got in his face, trying to tell him that all was not right,
> he gave up sleeping and got up

i haven't noticed my finnegan (my cat) doing anything different if i'm low,
but i may not have been paying enough attention.  our old family cat, who
died just about a year ago at the age of 19, used to always come to me when
i was sick or with a migraine.  herbie (the old family cat) would hang
around me at other times, but it was a very different attitude than when i
was feeling rotten.  i think owners of siamese cats will know what i'm
talking about. :)

liz - in ottawa, with her loyal-ish sidekick finnegan
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