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Re: [IP] Friend in diabetic coma

Got a question:   If the needle comes out, will the pump sound an 
alarm?  Or will it just keep pumping?  
don soon to be pumping~

Wyldcelt wrote:

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>On 8/1/03 4:58 PM, "R. Kersting" <email @ redacted> Demonstrated stellar
>typing skills by writing:
>>Guess last wed, while sleeping his pump failed. His mother
>>couldn't reach him by phone so she called the parametics,
>>they arrived took him to the hospital where he's been in a
>>coma since then.
>>No word on what his bg was.
>>going to phone another friend to find out more details. I find
>>it hard to understand, he was using a MM508. I've never had
>>a failure yet, but don't they beep or vibrate when there's no
>Well this may be a list of mishaps. His pump failed, but as you don't know
>what his BG is, perhaps, but no less disconcerting, he may well have had a
>stroke, or another problem not directly related to his pump?
>Just a thought.
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