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Re: [IP] Disetronic Pump and Problems with FDA

> As for the current fiasco....i think it is all alittle bit overdone.  The
> letters were sent out imo to stay any potential litigation from lawyers
> to make a buck over the FDA issues.  Safety certainly isn't an issue or
> the'd be a WORLDWIDE recall.  No folks, this is an FDA issue...not a
> or product based issue.The plant in Bugdorf Switzerland is still pumping
> (haha!) pumps for the rest of the world.
> Like a fine Swiss watch...that's what I say.
Im with all of you also--we have had our htrons for 2 1/2 years and NEVER
any problems with the pumps or customer service.
As tempting as it is to try to get a more advanced pump now, i think i am
gonna try to wait for the new one!!  My rep has assured
us that we will not be disapointed if we wait.
Cherie  mommy to Kara age 10 dx 1-98  pumping htron 2-01
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