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Re: [IP] Disetronic Pump and Problems with FDA


I like the way you think ;)

After 4 years with my flawless H-TRONPlus + ~9 months with my D-TronPlus.  I
for one cannot wait for a new next generation pump from Disetronic.  I'll be
the first in line to buy a new pump from them; their customer service has
always been excellent, and supply orders usually get shipped out the same day
or next via their comprehensive disetronicdirect.com website.  The Minimed 512
and the Cozmore are certainly steps in the right direction towards getings to
a closed loop system....I hope that with another year until launch, the next
Disetronic pump will get us that much closer.

For disclosure I too had cracked my case from overtightening one of the
batteries; but I knew at that very momment that it was MY fault.  Since then,
I was conscientious to always use the battery tool instead of a dime or
quarter as i would do when i was being lazy.......I still think it was
ingeneous engineering to enable battery changes that way in cases of
emergencies though!!

I've actually been wearing my old Htron's again over the last week or so, just
becasue I missed the smaller size.  The Dtron Plus is really neat with the pre
filled cartridges, vibrating buttons & silent alarms, along with the bright
indiglo light.  That said though, there's something to be said for simplicity,
and form factor.  Nothing beats a pump smaller than a deck of cards w/ a 300
unit resevoir..

I still plan on using the DtronPlus's that I have, but I'll probably be
switching back and forth as needs & moods dictate....Sure is nice having 4
pumps on the shelf :)

As for the current fiasco....i think it is all alittle bit overdone.  The
letters were sent out imo to stay any potential litigation from lawyers hoping
to make a buck over the FDA issues.  Safety certainly isn't an issue or else
the'd be a WORLDWIDE recall.  No folks, this is an FDA issue...not a medical
or product based issue.The plant in Bugdorf Switzerland is still pumping out
(haha!) pumps for the rest of the world.

Like a fine Swiss watch...that's what I say.

i have absolutely NO facts to base this on... just a theory...

Disetronic is going to come out with some revolutionary pump, within a year..
(sure hope it holds that UNAPPROVED for pumping, humalog insulin cartridge)

i will still have over 2 years of life, left on mine... BUT WAIT... it has
been determined, by the almighty FDA, that my pump, could be
defective....and, i have received a letter from Disetronic, stating the
same.....so, when the new Disetronic pump is available, HOW could my
insurance company refuse to pay for a new pump, to replace my "POSSIBLY
defective one". immediately.......

hmmmmmm.... maybe, just maybe,  Disetronic, aint as dump, as we've all been
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