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Re: [IP] Informal pump-mom query/survey


  Early on after dxd Josh's endo told me that if he is high at bedtime it 
 will make it much more difficult for him to go to sleep (VERY too!) Also, Josh
having nightmares or bad dreams could be an indicator of a low during the 
night.  I have found this to be true also because I've checked him around 
 3-3:30AM, found him low, did a juice box and the next morning he will tell me
of a
weird or scarey dream he had during the night.

As for him waking up groggy or something I can't really comment on that.  As 
for catching lows and the rebound, unfortunately we still over-react and he 
 will over-eat for some of his lows but then we have gotten better at
everything for the bolus, including the low and are now getting almost 
perfect PP BGs.

mom to Joshua
this month, 24th, marks 6 years DMer 
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