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Re: [IP] Pet Assistance?

On 8/1/03 10:54 AM, "Anita C. Goode" <email @ redacted> Demonstrated stellar
typing skills by writing:

> Anyway, I believe my cat Smokey helped
> tremendously to arouse me. Pets are very wonderful, hope I not going
> crazy here. Patty
> Unsolved Mysteries had an episode where a woman with diabetes was baking
> cookies, then tried to take a nap.  Her pet (I think a dog) refused to
> let her sleep and she checked and her sugar level was "dangerously low"
> whatever that means.  Just my opinion - the lady was probably either type
> 2, not on insulin, and just looking at those cookies made her pancreas
> work really, really hard OR she was a pumper and did 2 of the 3 things
> she was supposed to do.  1)  Eat cookies; 2) bolus according to carbs and
> 3) test, test, test.
> So, yes, I think pets can be tuned in to their owners' moods and do all
> kinds of great things.

When I first started the pump, I wound up with a busted cartridge, and the
dogs woke me up to a high.
A few times when I've been working hard I have had a Pomeranian or two
jumping on me to get me up from a low, usually it is about 50 mg/dL or
lower, but I know they can tell.
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