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RE: [IP] Pet Assistance?

Hi Patty, animals have better senses than we do and sometimes I think
they're even smarter...:)
They are using dogs to sense low glucose and I'm sure they do that through
the sense of smell.
If they can sense low glucose, they would definitely be able to sense a high
if you're burning ketones because they would smell it. Dogs are also being
trained to check for skin cancer through the sense of smell.

My daughter had a little black cat named Pumpkin and that cat would once in
awhile come into our bedroom, jump on my chest, and swat at my face until I
awoke....and I was low. The cat NEVER ever did that under any other
circumstances. Are you crazy, I don't think so, and I don't think we know
half of what really goes on in the animal kingdom, including how stupid they
probably think we are....:)


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Hi all,      Just a question, has anyone else ever experienced such a
thing? One morning, as my alarm went off and I couldn't get going, my cat
became very pesty and kept tapping my mouth and talking too me I got so
upset with her that i finally got out of bed, and stopped off in the
bathroom to vomit and couldn't see or think very straight. So as was able
checked BS and was almost 500 wow to my surprise, found that my tubing at
the reservoir was broken, so quickly proceeded to take an injection and
change, but was very ill. Anyway, I believe my cat Smokey helped
tremendously to arouse me. Pets are very wonderful, hope I not going
crazy here. Patty


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