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RE: [IP] Informal pump-mom query/survey

Renee (pump mom to Melissa) wrote:
>>a) do you find that your rebounds vary, depending upon where
>>you catch the low???..

Hi Renee,
 I'm pregnant, and as a result of keeping my bgs really tight, have had frequent
lows in the 40's. I just wanted to tell you that I never get rebounds. In fact,
I have always had lots of lows, and ever since I started carb counting and
matching my insulin to my bg and carbs, have never gotten what I would call a
rebound. Before I was vigilant about checking my bg, I had lots of rebounds, but
I suspect that they were a result of over-treating my lows. Perhaps I'm lucky,
though. Are others getting true rebounds?

 Re: your question about grogginess, I definitely notice a groggy feeling when
I'm high. If I wake high or low, it takes a lot longer to get going in the

Hope this helps:)
Take care,
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