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[IP] Scared of an infusion set

In a message dated 7/31/2003 6:55:19 PM Central Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Here's a question all you experienced people may scoff at, but has been 
> troubling me.

Your entire post sounds exactly like me, when I was first diagnosed I spent 3 
days in the hospital before I let the educater in my room with the needle, 
 everytime she would enter my room I would scream and cry and she would leave,
the 3rd day I started screaming and crying and she said "too bad, today is 
 the day." My very first shot I gave myself in my leg with my eyes closed. She
was watching the syringe and was saying "good, good.." it wasn't until I said 
"am I done yet?" before she realized I wasn't looking.
When I was debating about getting the pump, the insertion of the infusion 
scared the crap outa me.  I went to a pumpers meeting at the hospital and 
 listened to all the people talking about their pumps and how much they loved
 Came my turn to say something and I had to ask, does it hurt?? and how much??
I got a lot of smiles and chuckles from the room, and re-assurance that I 
would get used to it like I did with shots.  
I've been pumping for about a year and a half now, I still don't like site 
changes, they don't hurt, sometimes I don't feel them at all, like with shots, 
sometimes I can feel a little something, but not really pain, more like those 
occasional shots when I felt a little something.  Enough to make my eyes get 
big and let out a sigh, but not enough to make me not do it again.
Like taking my first shot, the first insertion was the worse, and I did close 
my eyes again during the process, and I was very surprised that I didn't even 
feel it, just like with shots.
Good luck, I feel your pain (fear),
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