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[IP] Informal pump-mom query/survey

Greetings pumpers:
         Since I got such valuable insights from many of you the last time I 
posted ( asking about how you get "back on track" when you've hit that "I'm so 
weary of this" wall), I have a few more topics:
a) do you find that your rebounds vary, depending upon where you catch the 
 low???..i.e. almost without fail, if Melissa awakens from a low in the 40s, she
rebounds into the 300s/  if she "catches" it in the 60s, her rebounds are in 
the low 200s.......
b)  do you notice any difference in how "groggy" you are in the morning, 
 depending upon whether you awaken with an in-range blood sugar versus a rebound
high???.....just wondering if there's a physiological explanation for sleep 
c) none of this REALLY matters, but then again, I've found that simply having 
one's experiences validated by others goes a long way in "understanding" & in 
"accepting".....I recall doctors scoffing at my daughter's comment years ago 
that she could predict her bgs by the color of the blood (pale pink = low/ 
 dark dark red= high), but when she mentioned it at a JDRF function & had
others concur, she felt vindicated!!
Renee (pump mom to Melissa- dx'd in '92; pumping since '96)
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