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[IP] Switched from Disetronic to Paradigm 512

Well, after a little more than 4 yrs of happily pumping with Disetronic, my
9-yr old daughter has switched to the Paradigm 512.  When one of our
Disetronics, was declared "cracked" and "unfixable" our insurance approved a
new pump.  Actually, we had been very happy with Disetronic, and saw no
reason to switch, except we didn't like the larger size of the D-Tron, and
hated to stick with an "outdated H-tron"(This was all prior to FDA stuff).
So, we were leaning toward the Cozmo, and then found out our insurance would
only cover Minimed...so Kelly's been hooked up to a 512 since Tuesday.  I
honestly saw no real advantage to this pump.  I was wrong!

 From my daughter's perspective, there is a huge difference.  She loves the
bolus wizard.  All the calculations we did previously, were second nature to
me, but if I wasn't around, she had to resort to a calculator, which wasn't
always handy.  This makes her feel much more confident in her own abilities
to bolus without me.  Plus, explaining how to account for unused insulin,
highs and lows, made for complicated calculations at 9.

The accompanying monitor's fast "5-second" time is wonderful at night, and
the blood required is so small, I don't think they can make a lancet small
enough to pierce your finger so that only that amount will come out.  I
have, however, wasted a few strips in this meter, with some kind of error
coming up..Technique I suppose.

Other major benefit from my point of view which will be nothing new to
old/current Minimed users....the square or dual wave.  I always thought,
"Big Deal, we accomplish the exact same thing with a temporary basal
increase."  Well, the big advantage is being able to set the span of hours,
where the Disetronic temporary basal increase was normally set to go for 12
hours unless you manually stopped it before then.  (The default could be
changed, but not by the user at home).  Anyway, this usually meant I had to
set my alarm to get up in the middle of the night to stop the temporary
increase, in addition to the regular 2AM blood sugar check.  Now, the extra
insulin stops without me, a wonderful benefit in my eyes.

As far as the meter beaming the pump, I still don't think that's a real big
deal, as it's really easy to manually input your blood sugar to the pump,
for calculation purposes.

All in all, we are very pleased.  Adults who calculate and bolus with barely
a thought, will probably see no real advantage to this pump.  But, for a
child who's been pumping, and trying to handle just about everything on her
own since 5, there is a huge differnce.

The battery lasted 9 days for this first round.

Just thought someone might be interested in our perspective.

Mary, Kelly's Mom
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