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[IP] Re: Radio links for meters, pumps and remotes

>>In my unlimited, uneducated knowledge, I thought radio frequencies were AM

>>and FM, and TV was VHF or UHF. Does that make a difference?

with out getting too technical, AM and FM, are the mean of modulation.... vhf,
and uhf
(which actually stand for Very, and Ultra High Frequency, are "Standard Radio
Bands" (a BLOCK of frequencies)....

there is Lf (low), and Hf.... etc.

BTW... vhf is around 54 megahertz... and uhf, is arond 440 MEGEAHERTZ
your cell phone, works on 2.9 GIGAhertz.... etc... etc "yawn..... yawn"

BTW, if you care at all... a technician was working at a radar installation,
which is extremely high frequency , (way above uhf)  and found
the chocolate bar in his pocket melted.... is it any wonder, that the Microwave
oven, was called the radar range...

are you bored yet ;-)
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