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[IP] Radio links for meters, pumps and remotes

i dont know the answer to his either... BUT, every computer, is like a little
radio transmitter...
some, even when they're turned off.... your digital watch, and, the palm pilot,
in your pocket, that is turned off. And yes, when its off, your cell phone too.
of course, transmitting with your cell phone, is quite a different issue. MY
 guess is, first, MM considered this issue, second, we're talking about
made to talk at a distance of a foot or two. it would be my BELIEF, that this
would not pose a problem. ALSO, what happens if TWO, MM people, were in the
same room, or the same table... last thing, youd want to happen, is for ME,
to bolus YOU.... (yeh... go ahead, tell me all about digital signature.....)
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