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[IP] Re:Laser surgery concerns

    I have had 7 sessions- maybe with 10 shots at each; one eye at a time;
no more discomfort than the flashes during the fluorescein picture shoot; no
loss of work time afterwards but the doc did recommend that I take it easy
for the rest of the day; no shots before ,during or afterward; didn't need
any pain pills afterward ( but they were supplied); had some blurring for a
day or two ( could be weeks);at this point sooner is much, much better than
latter; eventually the most noticeable negative was some loss of low light
    Injections around the eye ( for another procedure) have been non-events
for me- they know how to keep the anxiety down.
    My laser shots were focal shots ( one spot at a time). There is a grid
(scattered) treatment that is done over a large area at one time.
    You should count on some later sessions that will mop up the new,missed
and smaller leaks. You should also count on a long term relationship with
this retina doc even if everything is stopped in one session. So your trust
is a significant matter. Today laser work is the only way to stop the
damage. I would not employ a regular ophthalmologist to give you this care.
A retinal specialist is the only way to go- no matter how far you have to
travel. If you don't trust the specialist then take the pictures to another.
    You are going through a trying time and the tension is to be expected.
The docs should understand this. One of these docs will feel right and then
,believe me, a lot of your concern will lessen. I have been through this and
more and eventually found the right eye doc and the birds began to sing
again.   Peter

> Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2003 18:01:00 -0400
> From: "Julie Murphy" <email @ redacted>
> Subject: [IP] questions about laser surgery on eyes
> First, questions for those who have had it done...
> What's it like?  How long was recovery time (esp time away from work)?  Did
> you have a shot to numb the eye or drops?  Did they do the whole eye at
> once?  Was there pain during the procedure?  How about pain after?  Did your
> vision change at all afterwards?  Did you have one area of the eye done, or
> all around the periphery(sp?) (like mine is I think)?  Is it as awful as I'm
> thinking it will be??
> The doc who did my dye study today said I should do it soon, especially
> since I plan to get pregnant in the next 6 months to a year.  My biggest
> question is, how come none of my other docs, opthamologists included, ever
> said this?   I have had docs treat me in such varying ways, I'm wondering if
> he's jumping the gun.  I did see the spots he was talking
> about...neovascularsation (sp?)... where the dye was leaking out of the
> new/weak blood vessels.  Is it bad to do this too soon?  I know it's bad to
> wait, that's obvious.  Should I get a second opinion or just do as he
> suggests?
> Thanks so much!
> Julie
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