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Re: [IP] Stupid (?) pump questions

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From: "Artorius Rex" <email @ redacted>

> If you're wondering if pumping would have saved your pancreatic function
> a bit longer, evidence has shown that additional insulin given to
> people has no staved off incidence of type I.

The only proven method of maintaining islet cell function is to have good
glycemic control.  After the DCCT, researchers looked at those participants
who still produced insulin when they began the study.  I don't know the
numbers, but a much higher number of those on intensive treatment still
produced insulin as compared to those on standard therapy .  And because
much research has shown that CSII improves glycemic control it stands to
reason that pumping earlier can help maintain beta cell function.  It is one
reason the doctors at the NIH recommend early use of the pump.

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