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Re: [IP] Stupid (?) pump questions

In a message dated 8/31/2002 10:52:39 AM Mountain Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> If you're wondering if pumping would have saved your pancreatic function
> a bit longer, evidence has shown that additional insulin given to 
> pre-diabetic
> people has no staved off incidence of type I.
> A study was recently done where a group of people with probabilities of
> developing
> type I were given insulin.   It didn't change the percentages of those who
> actually developed the disease when compared to a group who recieved no

That is all true, however, I have had several noted endocrinologists tell me 
that there is substantial anecdotal evidence that starting newly diagnosed 
T1s on a pump seems to preserve some pancreatic function for an extended 
period of time -- they believe by the relief given to those beta cells that 
are still functional (and probably because the pump more closely mimics 
normal pancreatic function esp. in terms of the basal delivery).  There 
haven't (at least to my knowledge) been any studies done on this (yet), but 
even the strong possibility was one more reason that I pushed even harder to 
get my daughter on a pump as soon as I could after dx (and even then fighting 
with docs and insurance companies meant a delay of 7 months from dx to pump 
start).  It'll be interesting to see if they start to see similar results 
with new dx's that are started on Lantus right off the bat . . .

At my daughter's last quarterly visit at the Barbara Davis Center for 
Childhood Diabetes, her endo there was telling me about a study they were 
getting going on for putting newly diagnosed infants and toddlers on Animas 
pumps right away to (FINALLY!) see if they can document whether there is an 
actual difference in pancreatic function retained over time for those who 
start pumping right away vs. those who are on MDI . . . I was glad to hear of 
another pump company besides MM getting involved in the research studies and 
very glad to finally hear of a study about putting newly dx'd little ones on 
pumps to preserve pancreatic function (I hope there will be even more studies 
like this!).

Pumpmama to Katie  
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