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[IP] My two and a half cents on the H2O and pumps question

    Well by no means am I an expert on which pump has the best protection
against intrusion of water, but I did find a couple of interesting things
thanks to a Google search.
    Remember someone said IPX8 about how watertight a Paradigm is? Look here
for an explanation (Scroll down to IPX8)

    Look here for a quote about IPX8 from Minimed about the Paradigm

    A Minimed customer service representative told me that further testing was
done on the Paradigm to certify it as waterproof to 8 feet for 24 hours. Up
from 8 feet for 30 minutes.

    On the Animas website the R1000 IPX8 is 12 feet for 24 hours

    If I am reasoning this out correctly, it seems the IPX8 standard of
testing for intrusion of water is agreed upon by the manufacturer and whoever
is doing the testing. I could make something and have it tested at 40 feet for
80 hours, and if no water got in I would have an IPX8 rating for 40 feet at 80
hours. However, for me thirty minutes in the tub and my fingers are all
wrinkly :)
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