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[IP] Problems with icecream and Lows???????????????

>Here's the question.     Does anyone ever  have any problems with going
>low after bolusing correctly for icecream?   Real icecream.     He's gone
>low on two other occassions from icecream,  but I thought maybe he
>hadn't finished it or something.     Now I'm starting to think that the
>snack bolus we use is wrong for icecream.      Any ideas?????????

Ice cream sugar is known to enter the blood stream much slower than usual.
(The claim is that the fat slows down the digestion of the sugar...though
I'm not convinced that is the reason for reasons I won't get into here.)

Anyhow, even back when I was first diagnosed, 20 years ago, they told me to
treat ice cream as a bread exhange, etc.  So, it has been known to be

You might want to use the square wave bolus for the ice cream instead, and
spread it out over 4-5 hours.  Or, dual wave if you find that it goes high
with just a square wave.

Here's another test to determine if it is just too much insulin, though.
Try decreasing the insulin, and test often for the next 5 hours (once an
hour).  If it stays fine for the first few hours, but then goes up
high...then it isn't too much insulin...just needs to be spread out longer
(using square or dual wave).  However, if it doesn't go up after a few
hours, then you know that it was just too much insulin for his body.

Hope this helps.
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