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[IP] Re: Paradym - waterproof?

>Cynthia -- I agree! I get my Paradym upgrade in November. I can't imagine
>what I would attach it to while showering even if it does turn out to be
>waterproof? And I live on a beach and have no problem with detaching my 508
>when swimming. I simply put it a ziplock bag and put it in my little cooler
>with my water and snacks. I don't think I'll change these routines after
>getting the upgrade. It works for me!
>Lisa Nelms

I don't shower with my pump, for that very reason.  Disconnecting is a
breeze (though, it was tricky at first to get the hang of disconnecting the
Quickset...but once I figured it out, it is simple).  But, with swimming, I
have no issues with leaving the pump on.  I've been swimming with it
numerous times without any problems at all.  And the relatively recent
upgrade from 30 minutes to 24 hours makes me even more at ease.

Disconnecting during exercise of any prolonged period of time is NOT a good
idea.  In order to burn carbs you have to have insulin.  Without insulin,
your body can NOT use the carbs.  Fortunately, Humalog and Novalog stay in
your system for a few hours...but any longer than that, and it doesn't
matter if you run a marathon...your BG level will go sky-high without having
insulin on-board.
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