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Re: [IP] Not so Stupid (?) pump questions

Chris Jones wrote:

>I have been doing water walking (in and not on) a swimming pool at the Y. 
>I do an hour a day. Normally the water gradually goes from waist deep to 
>neck deep. Would I lose benefits by unhooking for one hour every day? Or 
>should I be looking at a pump that can take water walking for 60 minute, 
>if there is such a thing?

>Second, (I'll phrase this delicately since there are all kinds and ages of 
>people) What does one do about pumping during "romantic interludes"? In 
>all honesty, I haven't dated in six months, I also have heart disease and 
>renal failure. So, perhaps "romantic interludes" may be a form of wishful 
>thinking. When I talked to my GP about "romantic interludes" lack of 
>opportunity and lack of capacity, I was told that I'd need a referral to a 
>urologist. Not that any referal ever happened.

>I'll continue reading so that I can make my points. Just in the first 
>chapter I can see advantages to the pump, even if I have to give up being 
>in a swimming pool or having "romantic interludes".


For me, all exercise causes me to go low.  So, I generally disconnect for 
any type of water activity.  YMMV.  There are pumps that can be worn while 
in the water... Animas is one, Disetronic D-Tron is another.  I believe the 
Paradigm can also be worn in the water, not sure about the newer 
Deltec.  Get information from all the manufacturers and ask them about 
wearing their pump or pumps in the water.

I also disconnect for "romantic interludes" since, for me, the same issue 
of going low applies to that activity as well.  I believe that you can 
disconnect from a pump safely for an hour, check bg after activity and 
bolus if necessary.  Some folks may also bolus the basal they'll miss while 
being disconnected.  This is all a "Your Mileage May Vary" issue and you'd 
have to wait and see what works best for you.

I'm wondering why you're having such a difficult time getting referrals to 
any specialists.   Does your insurance require referrals?  Perhaps you need 
to speak bluntly with your practitioner and see if you can't get a better 
response, or look for a new practitioner to work with.

Don't think that you'll have to give up any activities that you enjoy now 
or that you'll not be able to engage in any new ones because of the 
pump.  For me, the pump has made my life so much better than MDI.  Good 
luck. :o)

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