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[IP] Stupid (?) pump questions

I have just bought "Pumping Insulin" as has been suggested by the members
here.  I am hoping for a convincing argument for my GP who is not all that
enthralled with the idea of a pump.

Two questions come to mind  though.

I have been doing water walking (in and not on) a swimming pool at the Y.  I
do an hour a day.  Normally the water gradually goes from waist deep to neck
deep.  Would I lose benefits by unhooking for one hour every day?  Or should
I be looking at a pump that  can take water walking for 60 minute, if there
is such a thing?

Second, (I'll phrase this delicately since there are all kinds and ages of
people)  What does one do about pumping during "romantic interludes"?  In
all honesty, I haven't dated in six months, I also have heart disease and
renal failure.  So, perhaps "romantic interludes" may be a form of wishful
thinking.  When I talked to my GP about "romantic interludes" lack of
opportunity and lack of capacity, I was told that I'd need a referral to a
urologist.  Not that any referal ever happened.

I'll continue reading so that I can make my points.  Just in  the first
chapter I can see advantages to the pump, even if I have to give up being in
a swimming pool or having "romantic interludes".

Thanks everyone!

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