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[IP] Choice of pump

To: "Bob Hillier" <email @ redacted>

In response to your request for opinions regarding which pump to choose, the
Animas or the Paradigm, my personal opinion is for the Animas over the

The MiniMed 508 is a very good pump but the MiniMed Paradigm has more problems
than it should.  I understand that the famous Joslin Clinic for diabetes in
Boston is no longer recommending the Paradigm.

In your review of which pump to choose, don't overlook the new, soon to be
released,  Cozmo pump from Deltec.  It has excellent features that NO pump on
the market today can claim.  It sure beats the pants off a Paradigm.

See: http://www.diabetesnet.com/diabetes_technology/insulinpumps_deltec.php

Also see:
http://www.diabetesnet.com/diabetes_technology/insulin_pump_models.php and be
sure to click on the tabs at the top of the page for other diabetic subjects.

I wish others would take your lead and compare pumps instead of blindly
accepting the first one they hear about.

Are you sure you want to wear an insulin pump while swimming?  Why not just
take it off?  Talk with your diabetic care giver about this.

By the way, I've been an IDDM for 22 years, pumping for six years, and like
you, I require approximately 150 units of insulin a day because of insulin
resistance.  I currently have a Disetronic D-Tron pump and I use Novolog
insulin. This combination works great for me but I look forward to getting a
new Cozmo pump.

Good luck, you'll love a pump and find your A1c will improve.

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