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[IP] Gratitude for family and good medical teams

It made me cry also to read the post about the insensitive sister.  Even
though I have diabetes, my sister has ALS, and sometimes I feel insensitive
complaining about managing my disease.  After all she, can't manage hers,
it's progressive, and (a few well-known exceptions aside), is invariably
fatal, usually within five years.
My husband is really quite wonderful--he tells everyone why I can't eat what
he calls "mystery food" without needing to check again later, is vehement
that going low while walking eighteen holes of golf doesn't mean that I did
anything "wrong", and last Friday for my birthday had the chef at the golf
club fix strawberry shortcake (with real strawberries, just sliced, no added
sugar) and serve it to me for dessert.  Oh yes, the chef is also a prince.
My PCP assumes that I should know more about my disease than he does, my
nurse-practioner is a Type 1 with a pump who is 100% supportive and often
tells me to lighten up on myself.  I just have a lot to be grateful for.

All of that aside, diabetes still sucks.
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