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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V6 #570

I agree with this person wholeheartedly, the FreeStyle meter has been a
"godsend" to me.  Neither my Endo nor my CDE, who are both pumpers themselves
have said anything negative about the FreeStyle or the alternate testing
sites. I have found that I no longer resent, make excuses or "forget" to do
the massive amounts of testing required, since being on the FreeStyle, I don't
mind testing now at all, as odd as it sounds, its almost a pleasure.  I find
the BS's are virtually the same as when I used the finger site method.  (I
have compared both at the same time and I did take the FreeStyle to the Endo
and we compared it with the tests he does, results...... virtually the same),
one thing I do know for sure is the chance of error due to not having enough
blood or by not having the blood "hanging", "suspended" or "domed" correctly
is not a factor with this meter.  I have had my FreeStyle meter for over 2
years and I would not go back to the finger site method for any reason, ever!
For those still concerned, you can test on your fingers with the FreeStyle!

I haven't been on this site for almost 2 months due to an injury and I am
coming in on the tail end of this one, but, in another post on this days IP
something was mentioned about a Black Leather Case already given to someone
else, well If anyone needs one, I have an extra one!  I have a Minimed 507C,
so if it can be used, just email me!
----- Original Message -----
<Jennifer, I don't know if this will help your situation but,
I was given a FreeStyle meter by my doctor when I began
pumping. It has TOTALLY changed my attitude about testing!!
By sticking my arm, needing only a tiny drop, it just makes
testing NOT A CHORE at all. I use it wherever I happen to be,
with no running off to hide to do a test. I too went for years
and NEVER testing, now it has become habit and/or routine.
I highly recommend to anyone who most test bg, get a meter
that sticks on the arm.>

I was emailed privately by a member.
I think it deserves a response from others besides me, here is what she

""A side question....I tried the freestyle and wanted to switch, but my
CDE told me not to.  She said that testing on the arm is not good and I
need to test on my finger when using the pump.  I have only had diabetes
for 4 months and my fingers are already sore....I would love to switch.
Where you ever told this?""

This is my reply...please add your comments to encourage and inform this
young lady who is so new to all this...

No, I wasn't told that.
You'll find many people on the IP list who use the Freestyle.
I was given the meter on the day I started the pump by the CDE while in
my doctor's office.
I raved to the doc about how much I love the Freestyle upon my follow-up
visit after starting the pump. Neither the doc nor the CDE had a word of
concern about this meter to me.

You are very new to Diabetes, my heart breaks for you, I remember how
overwhelmed I was in the beginning, some 22 years ago. One of the best
things you can do is absorb as much info as you can from the IP list. You
will quickly see just how many different approaches doctors have to
diabetes management. And you will also hear them say, from time to time,
"get yourself a new doctor!!" The best thing about the IP list is, these
are people who live with this complicated disease everyday of their lives
and have a collective wealth of wisdom, much of it gained through trail
and error. By reading the daily digest for several months before I
started on the pump, it made the start so much smoother for me. I would
not have had nearly the understanding of how it all worked had I not been
"IP educated"!!  Even after 22 years with DM, I find that I still have
lots to learn and I appreicate all the good advice, just remember, YMMV!!
Hope this helps, my best regards to you!! peg
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