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[IP] pumping and pregnancy

All interested:

I'm interested in any and all info on being diabetic and pumping.  I've been
Type 1 since I was 2 1/2 yrs old, (so for over 20 yrs.). We are thinking of
trying next year.  I started pumping this May for my health and because I
know it is required by most to be pumping first and during. I'm glad I did
this now, and didn't wait until I want to conceive.  I learned that a few
months before conception and throughout they want our bgs to be between 60
and 90 before meals and not to spike more than 120 post meal.  that's scary
to me, as my goals are 150 post meal and 100 pre-meal right now...
the good news is i found out that it is required to eat a bed time snack
every night!!!  Dr.'s orders!!!  (i guess its to provide the baby with
glucose in the night)
:)  I know that it can do damage to the baby when your sugars are too high
(cause heart damage, a tendency to be overweight, stroke, diabetes all later
in life),   I also know that by the 3rd trimester, you may need to be on 3
times as much insulin!!!

Other than that, its all i know!
I'm interested in keeping this conversation going.  I am 3 of 3 people so
far that I've read are interested in keeping talking about this.

Yahoo Groups work well, someone would need to be the monitor and controll
who can join the group, but otherwise, its free and it would be handy!!!

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