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Re: [IP] skin irritation around infusion sets

> I use the quicksets and have recently started using Mastisol to keep
> my sites stuck.  Recently, I have been experiencing some itchiness,
> bumps, and redness around and under where my sites were.  I am
> wondering if I am developing an allergy to the Mastisol and what if
> anything I can do about it.  Does anyone else seem to sometimes have
> rashiness, but sometimes not?  help!
> Katy
There are a lot of other materials you can use. Try some of these and 
also use a barrier wipe. Some members say Cavalion Cream works well, 
but I have no personal knowledge about it.

Compound Tincture of Benzoin -- spray and liquid  by York Pharmacal
Brookfield, MO 64628. Used by athletes to keep tape wraps on sweaty
legs, feet, etc.... available at many pharmacies . 
Hollister 7730 spray adhesive .
Skin-Bond (Smith &Nephew) .
 -------------- Skin-Tac-H . 
Cavilon Cream 
made by 3M (1-800-2283957) product number is 3392 
Durable Barrier Cream.

Adhesive removers:
Unisolve -- Smith & Nephew
De-solv-it -- www.orange-sol.com 1-800-877-7771.
   also available at Walmart an Kroger stores in cleaning section
AllKare - Adhesive Remover Wipe NDC 0003-0374-43  order no. 37443
Wal-Mart's  "Goo Gone" a bottle is less than $5

plain old baby oil, 
fingernail polish remover (acetone with oil added)

Barrier wipes:
AllKare Protective Barrier -- Convatec NDC 0003-0374-44   order no.
37444 IV-Prep -- Smith & Nephew

Bard Protective Barrier  Film, -- liquid and wipes
Catalog # 740013
made by  C.R. Bard Inc.
Murray Hill NJ 07974

Hope this helps,
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