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Re: [IP] Re: Paradigm - waterproof/ battery case

Ditto; Gabe's paradigm is waterproof, sandproof and etc.  We had one Paradigm 
fill with water while he was swimming; it was sent back to Minimed and they 
examined it and it had a crack in the casing (fall while rollerblading????) 
which caused the leak.

The replacement pump has been in and out of water without any problems that I 
can detect.  We do remove the pump for the jacuzzi, though,  because we were 
told that the insulin gets cooked.

This morning we had a different problem.  We could not open the battery case 
to change the battery.  Minimed Customer Support could not help; they are 
(once again; we are on number 3 replacement) sending another pump; they told 
us not to try to force the battery case open because it might crack the pump.

Anyone else having problems with pump battery case?

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