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[IP] frightening experience

Today after breakfast my sugars were 230, but didn't go up any
afterwards...and things just seem to change so much every week with my
basals that I'm still trying to get them set and situated.  So when it
was 240 at lunch I didn't think anything of it and went ahead and took my
basal and had my food.  I started feeling bad, then worse and checked my
blood sugar and it was 447!  I had a moderate amount of ketones and
checked things.  Well it turns our my infusion "thread" (as I call it)
came out of my silhouette site, but everything else was in tack that I
didn't notice.  I took an injection shot of course and changed my site,
so everything is getting better now.  It scared me!  What if that had
happened in the middle of the night?  Has this ever happened to any of
you in the middle of the night?  (I was prewarned of this but thought I'd
be okay because I check my sugars too often, but still). I've never had
DKA (knock on w! ood) and I never want it (I know I know, who does?)  
I've learned so much while on the pump sometimes I wonder if I started
taking injections again I'd be better, now that I know how to count
carbs, and stuff.  I don't want to do this, but I need advice/support,
because I still fell like I don't have my basals/boluses where they
should be.  My A1c test was really good though (6%), so I shouldn't
complain about that.  Well anyway, thanks for listening!


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