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RE: [IP] Re: Paradigm - waterproof

Beverly wrote:

> water RESISTANT 

that is for MM...Animas if waterPROOF.....different I think...

Hey Guys,

Despite any claims that MiniMed makes based on the Paradigm being waterproof
@ 8 feet for 24 hours, Beverly is not buying it. Waterproof, water
resistant, water whatever - is this really an issue for most people? I mean,
unless you're a fish (which, apparently, Beverly's daughter is) is there
really anyone out there who's found a problem with either the Paradigm or
the Animas where water is concerned, at the stated depth for the particular

I suspect that for the majority of people, ease of use will be the
determining factor. And I would be hard pressed to believe that anyone
would, or could, claim that the Animas R1000 is easier to use than the
Paradigm. I've used them both prior to making my choice, and the Paradigm is
hands-down an easier pump to use. No question, like it or not, it just is.
Fewer button presses and a logically structured menu system all add up to
ease of use.

However, if you must have a pump that can survive eight feet of water for an
entire day, then by all means, choose the Animas. Beverly has been loudly
proclaiming that her pump can survive those rigorous conditions, while
MiniMed has only just recently gotten into this particular shouting match. 

I must admit that when I was choosing my pump, I wanted a pump that could
survive in the water for a REASONABLE amount of time and at a REASONABLE
depth. Of course, reasonable in this case is an individual thing. But it's
not the only thing to consider when choosing a pump. The pumps' water rating
was a little bit lower on my particular list. 

Put things in their proper perspective. Try both pumps out, wear them at
whatever depth you live your life, and know that the best decision is simply
choosing to be on a pump. Whatever model you choose is simply icing on the
cake that you can now safely and accurately cover with insulin.

Keith G.
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