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[IP] Tips on Silhouette?

After being on the pump for 7 weeks, I am now taking a break, returning to 
Lantus and Humalog.  I was using the Quickset infusion set (with a Paradigm 
pump), but was getting inconsistent resultsthat is, frequent No Delivery 
alarms.  I tried some Silhouettes, but was having problems with that, 
toosome bleeding and bruising at the site and a No Delivery Alarm.  I 
inserted my last Silhouette manually, and preferred that to using the serta, 
as I felt I had more control over where the needle was going.  
When I got two No Delivery Alarms in one day with the Quickset and had to 
dash home for a third, I decided to take a break.  I might have tried another 
Silhouette manually, had I not been all out, and a delivery was not due until 
the next day.
Now Im trying to gain the weight I lost using Lantus and Humalog shots (I no 
longer needed snacks when taking these insulins and wasnt about to add more 
shots to cover them), and hopefully that will help give me more potential 
sites (Im thin).
My question now is this: Does anyone have tips on inserting the Silhouette 
manually for a thin person? (What makes a site less than ideal?) If Im going 
to try this again, I want to be as informed as possible and avoid unnecessary 
errors.  At this point I tend to put more trust in people who live with the 
pump than health-care professionals, so would appreciate any advice.
Also, Ive been using IV prep at the site.  The IV prep leaves a sticky 
residue, and I was wondering if that could be causing clogs when I insert the 
infusion set.  Any thoughts on this? (I tend to wipe down the site thoroughly 
and am wondering if Im leaving too much of that sticky residue at the site.)
Finally, a Minimed rep hinted that some people just have lots of problems 
with the pump, and also mentioned that some fat is needed at the site, which 
surprised me, as I thought the Silhouette was ideal for athletes, who tend to 
be lean.  Is it possible that some people, like me, are just poor candidates? 
My control has been fairly good without the pump, and at least the shots are 
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