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Re: [IP] Re: Paradigm - waterproof

> I am researching which pump to go on.  I was thinking of the MM
> paradigm, but I take over 300 units per day.  Also, I swim
> regularly, so I want the pump to be waterproof. 

That's a bunch of insulin ! I'd suggest you look at the Disetronic 
Panomat. See the link near the Disetronic Logo on the LINKS page of 
the web site at:


This pump comes in two models that hold 500 and 1000 units of U100 
insulin respectively.

Re: the waterproof issue. If you swim for exercise or sport, you will 
generally burn more carbs than would be offset by any insulin. You 
will not want to wear you pump. When my daughter was on swim team, 
not only did she have to stop her insulin, but she usually ate 10-15 
grams of carb per hour to keep her bg's from falling while doing her 
workout which ran 1-3 hour. Even now, if she goes to the lake or 
beach, she removes her pump and generally does not have to bolus for 
missed insulin due to the increase energy loss because of skin 
contact with the cold water.

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