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RE: [IP] Back up Plans

> Backup plan.
> We had a pump failure, on a weekend and were looking at waiting till
> Tuesday morning for the replacement pump, 

had the same problem a few years back on a three day weekend. Lily 
shot regular every 4-5 yours into the infusion port of the cannula 
to cover her basals and did her food boluses with a syringe in the 
same manner for food. Her bg's were just as good as when she was on 
the pump. She did not change her non-schedule or what,when she ate. 
The only downside was the necessary wake up in the middle of the 
night for the basal dose. We timed the evening and morning basal 
doses to coincide with her sleep pattern. It's not a big deal to do 
this and it worked very well for us.

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