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RE: [IP] Re: Paradigm - waterproof

> Personally, I think a $5,000 pump should be able to take anything
> you want to do in a swimming pool.

So, the more it costs the more it should take???  Try submerging your 
BM'er in the pool for a couple of hours. Granted, it's not water 
resistant, but it's not suppose to leak in the rain :-)

I think the protection offered by pump mfgr's for a valuable piece of 
life support equipment is quite good -- water RESISTANT to 8 feet x 
24 hours under laboratory conditions. That's not an invitation to 
test those limits in the real world under harsh and uncontrolled 
conditions. Doing so is asking for a pump full of water. Usually, 
even that will be survived if you allow it to dry out but then again, 
you never know what the side effects might be.

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