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[IP] Re: in defense of MiniMed

>>>I told the Animas rep you guys were really applauding the good service
though I dont have an Animas.)  I do wish MM had the whole thing figured out
a bit better!>>>

When Animas gets 200,000 pumps in use on the market and don't have to bend
over backwards to gain their market share, let's see the responses then. Any
new company is going to do whatever they can to convince users they are the
best. Customer service in the beginning is the only thing they have to make
any Brownie Points. I think it's enough MiniMed bashing - for now. It'll
return again, I'm sure. I do read on here there are still doctors who won't
Rx Animas pumps cuz they don't have that long of a track record - yet. Also,
they haven't had that many users to have failed pumps returned so they can
be refurbished to loan out for those being repaired - they have to send a
brand new one. Do we think they are tossing failed pumps in the trash? I
highly doubt it. Let's talk again in - 5, 10 years and see if they still
send brand new replacements for mechanical items that are guaranteed,
meaning they will fix a problem. As stated on here before by whomever (I
forget - Hillary Syndrome) that ALL mechanical devices will at some time,
fail. It's a given. Even humans die at some point in time. Competition is a
GOOD thing. We all chose our pumps for our own reasons. Maybe we should
start individual lists for only *XXX pump company* users to quit *downing*
others' choices. (~_^)
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