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[IP] Supplies and postage

I sent Gina some supplies a little over a month ago and got nothing but 
thanks and praise from her.

I realize some people aren't as fotunate as others, and I tried to do a good 
thing by sending her my extra 508 supplies.  It seems like some other people 
who have done the same thing (helping out a fellow pumper) are being a little 
petty about it.  If you want to send someone a large package, why not get the 
postage from them beforehand or just sit and be patient.  Communication is 

Let's stop stabbing each other in the back and get the subjects at hand, 
helping one another out!!!  Stop being petty about the stupid things!!!!

I have established a great on-line relationship with Gina, and we IM with 
each other often and talk about like in general.  She is a very nice person 
and has nothing but the best of intentions!!!

Gina Gracey
steppin gp to the plate for Gina Doyle
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