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Re: [IP] diabetes, pumping and pregnancy

On 8/28/02 8:32 AM, "email @ redacted" <email @ redacted>

> In light of all the fundraising problems, perhaps there aren't even the
> resources available to start an IP pregnancy list??  I would be willing to
> start something on my personal website, a list of people interested and their
> email addresses, if anyone would be interested in that.  It would be a start
> anyway, and a way to have people's contact info and guage how many are
> interested.  Let me know and I can set it up, like a guestbook sort of thing
> where people enter info.  The other chat rooms are very "loose" and can get
> out 
> of hand easily, but wouldn't it be better than nothing?  Maybe someone could
> loo into various ones and post for us the details and we could pick one?  Just
> some ideas.  We would like to start "trying" next summer, so something like
> this would be very very nice.  I think my fiancee would also love to hear from
> other men who have gone through a diabetic pregnancy ;)
> Julie

The Resource missing for this is Michael's time.   Starting a new list does
take a bit of time, but it also takes a bit of (wo)manpower.  There is also
your question of how many people would be interested.  If you wish to find
that out, simply post a Notice of Chat to the List.   Just pick a date and
time, and if it doesn't conflict with the schedule you could use the Guest
room, or would the "Small Talk 1" be more appropriate?    ;>)

To form a new list one of the guidelines is having 100+ interested members.
Less than that and the list generally does not have enough "posting" power
to maintain interest.  To find out if a date and time fits in with the
schedule of Chats, send your desired date and time to either myself or to
Rodney Mead <email @ redacted>



>> I am wondering if there is any EASY way
>> to gauge just how much interest there might be--like some kind of place on
>> the IP site where new and old IP members could register if they are
>> interested in such a list? Then we could have an idea how many people
>> really would want such a list? But like you I don't want to push it if it
>> isn't feasible. I did look into some of the other sites where there are
>> chat groups on the topic suggested by some others on this list, but for my
>> personal taste, those groups seemed way too "loose"--they didn't seem to
>> really be "strict" discussions about pumping and diabetes, but more like
>> general emailing between women who happened to be diabetic and pregnant or
>> trying to conceive.
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