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[IP] carrying pump supplies

I see that MM has a big bag thing that carries all the supplies but I haven't
bought one in the 3.75 years that I have been pumping. I have an extra
infusion set and reservoir at work as well as in my car. I keep extra
batteries at the office as well as in my purse. My insulin, if the weather is
hot and it is close to the time I need I sight change, I pack a little cooler
of my MM pack filled with insulin, an extra blood sugar strip container that I
put sharps in - (I dump them out in the larger container when that gets full)
along with an infusion set, reservoir and a blue ice pack thing to keep them
cool. Sometimes in the morning my sugars are fine and they get out of control
later in the days so I try to anticipate a site change so I pack it all before
I leave for the day.
Anyway I don't think you need to get the pack from MM or any supplier when you
can pack the same amount of stuff in any kind of bag (from a department store)
and keep it in your car or desk at work. When I first began pumping I had a
lot of anxiety about carrying a Rambo pack everywhere I went and found that
wasn't needed.
I do check my insulin in the reservoir by the second day and take note that it
needs to be changed the next day in the morning or afterward. If the reservoir
is coming close to being that it won't last the whole day, I change it that
morning before I leave - and that has given me good results! Happy pumping
Sharon B.
PS. Thank goodness for insulin-pumpers.org!
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